81 Sites

Over 80 sites have had wildflowers successfully established by FAB. If you live in or around Swindon, there is probably a FAB site near you.  Have a look!

Many sites are small, while others (such as Shaw Ridge) have multiple habitats over dozens of acres. Counting is therefore arbitrary, and the ‘81st’ site is itself a churchyard within the much bigger Lydiard Park.

Some of the biggest FAB sites include:

  • The Haven, Cheney Manor.
  • Millenium Fields, Merton Avenue, Stratton St Margaret.
  • Pear Tree Hotel, Purton.
  • Peatmoor woodland, West Swindon.
  • Lydiard Park, West Swindon.
  • Shaw Ridge, West Swindon.
  • Nightingale Wood, South Marston.

Landowners include private, parish and town council, church, forestry commission and woodland trust.

The chalky variable (coral rag) soil across north and west Swindon has the greatest immediate potential, due to the ease with which fertility can be reduced(Beware Fertiliser). Wetland sites are also relatively feasible. The clay sites of central and south Swindon will take longer to achieve, so are currently at early experimental stage.                                     Home

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