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The Haven

FAB has developed the Haven, as a one-acre wildflower nursery, rented from Swindon Borough Council since 1997. Located adjacent to the TWIGS site at the Manor Garden Centre, Cheney Manor industrial estate, central Swindon SN2 2QJ.
Route: Signposted from Great Western Way with brown signs to Manor Garden Centre (close to Akers Way). See also map on TWIGS community gardens website at:

The Haven provides locally-sourced plants and seeds for free distribution to individuals and local groups. Different local genetic sources are grown together at the Haven, to maximise the ‘mongrel health’ for successful establishment in new areas (see 81 sites).

The Haven also functions as a display garden for educational purposes, to stimulate interest and increase knowledge of using wildflowers in an urban context. The Haven is also a community garden, available to the public when the neighbouring site, TWIGS, is open, currently Mon/Wed/Fri 10am until 4pm. (Check with TWIGS Tel 01793 523294.)

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